March 01, 2022

Premier Tower GLAS Brings an Immersive Experience with First-Ever 3D Display

Green architecture is redefining the course of design for the future. Those structures that aim to be ecologically conducive and innovative end up as the most competitive in the market. But amidst those green-enhanced goals and innovations, they have to translate functionality and sustainability into an immersive experience for clients.

Past its inspired innovations for design, functionality and sustainability, Ortigas’ premier tower Glas exults on its groundbreaking milestones, like the largest indoor LED screen of the Philippines and of Southeast Asia. Standing at 6 x 15 meters in the 8.5 meter high grand lobby, the screen welcomes tenants with its immersive display and, with its crystal-clear low-iron SGP glass, extends the tower’s dynamic setting to the streets.

Yet, most recently, Glas offered a more dynamic display. The sensational LED screen became the outlet for the first-ever 3-D moving display, seen from the naked eye, in the region. The video itself, an award winner from ZAZ10TS’ “Alone Together” contest, shows a lonesome figure being intruded by symbols from its laptop. It is meant as a visualization of the emotions and activities that transpired during the pandemic era, aiming “to unite people from all over the world who are adapting to new norms”.

Showing this enthralling display in Glas’ groundbreaking LED art wall best represents the tower’s overall innovational identity, in terms of sustainable design, stable functionality and social consciousness. And it marks how LED technology brings a unified experience for tenants.

Like many of its utilities, it is energy-efficient. The LED display uses 40% less power than fluorescent lights and 80% less incandescent ones, helping reduce carbon footprint. Flashing ads and statements to the screen also reduces the dependence on tarpaulin and billboards. And for a tower with an energyefficient infrastructure and all-glass façade, it can also serve as a channel to project inform guests about Glas’ green architectural solutions. Those solutions always point back at the very necessity of guests and occupants.

From the very use of exhibiting “Alone Together” with a significant message during a crucial time, the immersive LED screen also serves as an art wall to promote works for local artists. In just one projection, their artworks can be displayed and absorbed for onlookers. That showcase works hand-in-hand, with Filipino artists to promote their craft digitally and for the public to get to the immersive and innovative experience of Filipino arts.

Through its resourceful tenacity for its groundbreaking LED screen, Glas reflects its commitment to its environmental and social initiatives. But that involvement always has the interests of the occupants in mind. And it humbly serves a precursor to a grander immersive experience, beyond the standard office experience over the Ortigas Center.

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About GLAS

GLAS is an all-glass tower and premier office address, located in Ortigas, Pasig City. Bringing world-class design and green technologies, this state-of-the-art, 188-meter edifice features 102,000 square meters of Grade A office spaces and retail areas within its 42-story, 3-basement structure. Its innovative features that exceeds typical office building standards makes this is a PEZA-registered location. And setting benchmarks in green architecture marks it as a LEED-certified Platinum office tower.

GLAS is designed and built by internationally acclaimed firm, ASYA Design. For leasing inquiries, you may contact Espace Leasing and Marketing at (02) 8801 6888 or email us at